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A Unique Approach to Fundraising
Our custom fundraising and outreach programs are designed to effectively and efficiently cultivate, solicit, and steward our clients’ constituents. By utilizing RuffaloCODY’s on-campus or off-site program management, your organization could see a dramatic increase in results.
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Reach More Donors. Raise More Dollars.
Through our data-driven, multichannel approach, our clients are able to reach more potential donors while building a foundation of consistent support and identify major donor prospects. To put it simply, we can help you reach new and old supporters more efficiently so that you can better manage your time and efforts.
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Excellence is Expected
We understand the challenges our clients face because we face them together – making their goals, our goals. Furthermore, our staff members have a vast amount of experience in their areas of the fundraising industry – and many have worked within organizations like yours.
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News and Insights from RuffaloCODY Fundraising Management

  • Giving Tuesday Versus Cyber Monday: Phonathon Impact

    December 18, 2014 Josh Robertson

    I always struggle with the effectiveness of Giving Tuesday from a pragmatic point of view, wondering if we are simply receiving a smaller gift today versus a larger gift tomorrow. Are we really inspiring our donors to renew their support and to do so at a higher level?  I also wonder how Cyber Monday is influencing our results, causing me to speculate that after a day of spending money online, donors may be less likely to “share the wealth” with their alma mater.

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  • Results from the Student Phonathon Caller Survey

    December 11, 2014 Brian Gawor

    Last month, we completed a survey of over 700 student fundraisers employed in on-campus phonathon/telefund programs. The callers were from the US, Canada, and Australia and working with RuffaloCODY managers. We also completed interviews with about a dozen callers to get their insights on the job.

    We found out that most students take a phonathon job for the money, but the challenge of the position, the influence of friends, and the flexibility of hours also had a big impact.

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  • Giving Tuesday is Done. Welcome to Stewardship Wednesday!

    December 3, 2014 Chris Hughes

    Giving Tuesday has come and gone, and many nonprofit organizations enjoyed a significant influx of gifts and donors during that 24 hour span.  Across the U.S., it is realistic to expect more than 300,000 charitable gifts worth approximately $54 million to be made solely on Giving Tuesday 2014.

    Now, to the next step in the donor cycle:  what are you planning to steward and cultivate your share of those donors to retain them next year and beyond?

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