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RuffaloCODY hosts a number of events throughout the year to share our research and insights. Our biggest event, the Aligning Experts Summit, will be held in Chicago July 21-23, 2014.

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Stamats, RuffaloCODY, and Scannell & Kurz are coming together to help colleges, universities, and nonprofits reach their marketing, enrollment, and fundraising goals. This event will bring together some of the best minds, practitioners, and case studies in your industry.

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We’re also offering additional training and workshop sessions:

CAMPUSCALL® Training (FULL) – July 19, 2014

CAMPUSCALL training will cover the most recent release of CAMPUSCALL and ReportsPlus. This hands-on training format includes a wide range of users, from those just getting started to veterans who have been using CAMPUSCALL for a number of years. The full training agenda used with a client upgrading to CAMPUSCALL will be covered, plus the added interaction between the people in the class makes this training a bit more advanced.

Phonathon Managers Workshop – July 20-21, 2014
At the core of every successful phonathon is a well-prepared phonathon manager. This comprehensive 15-hour training session will add to the skill set of any phonathon manager and give them the essential tools they need to achieve their goals and objectives. Workshop sessions address big-picture strategic planning, data management, day-to-day best practices, and many more critical responsibilities handled by today’s phonathon managers.

Telecounseling Supervisor Workshop – July 21-22, 2014
The Telecounseling Supervisor Workshop is specifically designed for Telecounseling supervisors to gain insight and direction for their programs. Workshop topics include marketing strategies, staff development, program design and implementation, results tracking, operations, and more!


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Our services facilitate effective communication between institutions and the right students for those institutions. As such, we devote significant time researching recruitment from the perspective of both schools and families. We’re constantly learning about what the best approaches are and evolving our services in response to that.

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