Application Cultivation

Applicants who have actionable applications are what matters. That requires dynamic, ongoing, multi-channel outreach and meaningful staff engagement with the right potential students.

When students aren’t “obeying” funnel rules, an aggressive approach to seeking applications is one proactive thing you can do—but your approach must be right. It’s relatively easy to inflate applications; getting them complete and getting those students admitted, enrolled, and retained, not so much. That’s why our focus is on the potential applicant, not just the application.


  • We ask a targeted segment of seniors about their plans to apply to your institution and learn key information about their decision
  • We offer custom-designed and personalized print and online applications; we even have a “non-app app”
  • We include inquiries and senior search names, and if you partner with us on search, we’ll engage a select pool of your search non-responders

How does our approach help you achieve real enrollment growth?

It’s targeted.
Our approach is about facilitating the process for your “right fit” students. As with all Ruffalo Noel Levitz programs, we start with your goals and our analytics. We identify the right students to help you meet your objectives and then deliver a precisely coordinated, multi-channel campaign that includes phone, direct mail, email, and applications online and in paper (that are not embellished inquiry cards.)

It allows you to put the relationship first.
Leave the what-should-be-intense logistics of the application-seeking process to us while you and your staff focus on cultivating relationships with the right students as identified by the campaign. We let you get back to basics: better relationships result in stronger yield (and stronger retention).

It keeps each staff member informed of the status of his or her potential applicants.
Staff receive regular reports directing them to who’s applying and when, and who’s unsure and why.  From encouraging an enthusiastic applicant to addressing the specific concerns of an on-the-fencer, your counseling staff will be more empowered and therefore more effective.

It keeps your finger on the pulse of your potential applicant pool.
Know, don’t guess, how many of these students intend to or are considering applying, and gauge how your staff is managing those pools. Regular reports track staff progress in interacting with identified potential applicants throughout the campaign.

That’s how we generate applications from students who genuinely care about their application to you.

Strategic. Targeted. Multichannel. Dynamic. That’s a Ruffalo Noel Levitz application campaign. Learn more.

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