Inquiry Targeting & Management

Building relationships with rising senior inquirers is critical but often overlooked in influencing their application and enrollment; the issue today is that it’s difficult to know with whom your counselors and staff should focus their time. Source code, region, campus visits, and even stand-alone predictive modeling used to point them in the direction of your most interested inquirers. Today it’s a bit more complicated…but the solution is straightforward: know who your staff should most engage by asking the students themselves.


  • We combine attitudinal assessment surveys with inquiry-to-enrollment analytics to identify the students you should engage — and with what information
  • Identify the 12% of your qualified pool who will comprise 59% of your deposits from that pool
  • Remove staff focus from the  third of your qualified pool who aren’t interested and  who convert to deposit at a rate of  just 0.3%

How do we help you be more effective with your inquiry pool?

We ask each student about their interest in you and their priorities in their college selection—and report that to you daily.
Recruitment staff receive regular emails during campaigns directing them to the students they should engage and what information is most relevant to each one.

We allow you to focus on the relationship while we support
it with personalized follow-up.

Rather than you focusing on who needs to get mailed what information, we will provide custom print-on-demand
material and emails based upon what’s important to each student. You focus on the relationship.

We will track staff interactions relative to campaign results and provide management reports that assess activity.
Monitor and understand how staff utilize the intelligence on each inquirer, and identify potential areas requiring support.

We will enable you to streamline travel planning with our available Enrollment Manger ™ travel management system.
Travel is still an integral part of recruitment and is key to relationship-building…but travel planning can be a cumbersome process. Streamline the process so staff can put more effort into working with their students, not their schedule: counselors can build and manage their formal itineraries within the system.

Managing your inquiries correctly allows you to drive the right applications – those that complete, enroll and retain. Learn more about our inquiry targeting and management, attend a webinar, or contact us.