Mission & Values


To provide strategic enrollment and fundraising solutions that support and guide our partner organizations to advance relationships, achieve their goals, and fulfill their missions.


Our services and solutions engage the right students with the right institutions, unite individuals with mission-driven organizations, strengthen affinity, and inspire lifelong philanthropic support. We collaborate with organizations to enhance their strategies so they can forge strong relationships, fulfill their vision, and thrive.


We deliver an uncompromising PASSION for serving the higher education and nonprofit communities.

We measure our RESULTS not just by what we accomplish, but by what we help our clients accomplish through delivery of exceptional service.

We maintain INTEGRITY in our relationships, preserving high ethical standards and always seeking to do what is right for those we serve and for each other.

We are DRIVEN to create responsive, industry-leading solutions that address the precise needs and goals of our client organizations and the demands of their marketplaces.

We EMPOWER our staff by cultivating a positive, forward-thinking atmosphere.


In fulfilling our mission we will:

  • Be the leading firm that organizations and institutions most trust as a strategic fundraising and enrollment partner.
  • Value talented team members who bring innovation and expertise to every project.
  • Leverage new technologies and develop data-informed solutions to meet the needs of our clients.
  • Promote progress in the industries we serve through pioneering research, continuous monitoring of emerging trends, and timely professional development opportunities.
  • Advance enrollment, student success, and fundraising with products and services that engage the target audiences of our client partners while also advancing their institutional missions.
  • Measure our success by the achievements of the organizations who place their trust in us.
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