No Dreamer Left Behind

In a nice op-ed piece for the Huffington Post, College Board President Gaston Caperton writes that “If we do not close the gap between college aspiration and college success, we will not only face a long-term economic crisis, but we will also lose that intangible aura of opportunity and wonder that makes the United States a symbol of hope–not just to the world, but, more importantly, in the eyes of our own people.”

He goes on to say that while 90 percent of young Americans plan to attend college, many fail to do so. This isn’t because they lack to ability to succeed, but because they aren’t receiving the support, encouragement and information they need to leverage that ability.

Caperton offers several suggestions to bridge the gap between aspiration and college success, including a simplified application process, the availability of additional college planning resources, and the empowerment of educators to take a more active role in this process—particularly with first-generation college-bound students.

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